I had been meaning to write up a story about Rein, an amazing dog that was left in a crate outside the locked gates of the League City Animal Shelter. Time kept escaping me.

My friend and long-time LCAS volunteer Cheryl Scott composed a wonderful write-up about Rein and his story…so I’m sharing her words about this awesome boy.

REIN – Long Road Home – by Cheryl Scott

Rein’s LCAS story began by being dumped in a kennel outside the locked gates at the Shelter on February 3, 2015.

His Petfinder photos were taken by Volunteer Photographer Rhonda Tipton (Tipton Creative) on February 11, 2015. I assisted Rhonda that day and fell in love with Rein.

Sadly, that young boy was at the Shelter being loved by many Volunteers for soooo long!

Thanks to Taam Dodd, one of the dog trainers at Bayside Bed & Biscuit in Kemah, who came to the Shelter in August 2015 and worked with Rein many times; Taam even attended an off-site event with Rein and made a great collage of him to promote his adoption!

Another person to thank who worked with Rein at the Shelter was Volunteer Ralph Kliza. However, Rein’s biggest break came when Volunteers Jaime Marshik & Charlie Marshik took him to the Taste of Texas Beer & Wine Festival on Nasa Rd. 1 on November 7, 2015 where, thankfully, Volunteer Amy Losh met Rein (see photo). She took Rein home that night for the first of many trips to her house and she also took him to the Petco adoption events. Amy did a ton of marketing for Rein and also made a terrific collage. Amy runs a Dalmatian rescue group and is the sole reason Rein was accepted for free training at Starmark Academy in Hutto, TX.

He arrived at Starmark on February 14, 2016 and was there until May 11, 2016. His trainer there was Shelby White and as of June 1, 2016 she is the very happy owner of REIN.

He was homeless for 1 year and 4 months!! Thanks to Bayside Bed & Biscuit and Camp Bow Wow for complimentary boarding of Rein upon his return from training until he was Adopted.

Thanks to all who loved and cared for him. Rein took a piece of my heart with him to his furever home on June 1st and I will never forget him!

An awesome story by Cheryl Scott….about an awesome dog! Happy Tails to Rein!