Google Keep is one of those apps that I am using every day now. I used to use Evernote, which is a very good notes app as well. I just like the idea of using Google Keep, because just about everything I use is Google…why not keep my notes in the family?

I love Google Keep’s interface and ease of use.


Just “jot down” what you want to keep track of or go back to later…label it, so if you want to just look at Recipes, for example, you can do it with ease.

I also love the Chrome extension that allows you to clip text and/or images from a website…or just make a note with a link back to the website to review later.


The link shows up in my Google Keep after clipping it in Chrome.


All in all, I find this app very easy to use and I love that it is part of the Google space. It syncs seamlessly between my phone, my iPad and my Macbook.

Happy note-taking!

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