I started working part-time for Hallway 2 Marketing last year, photographing homes for real estate. I take the photos then rush home to start the edit process. Before the photos can be uploaded to HAR, they need to be a specific file name to make searches easier on the perspective home buyer. So I wrote a program to help me streamline at least part of my process.

I wrote a Ruby program to rename files by stripping off the first 8 characters of the existing file name. As I edit real estate photos, I name them like the following: DSC_XXXX Street – Living Room.jpg – the program basically loops through 30+ files stripping off the DSC_XXXX making the file name “Street – Living Room.jpg”

The Ruby Script


The files before the script


Script execution


The result…files ready to upload to HAR


This is the first code I’ve written since I quit being a developer in 2011. The process has sparked my interest in coding again…at least for fun. LOL