Some of the things I found in the past week that piqued my interest.

A good How-To on using the Black & White Conversion Filter in Luminar | #macphun

When Letting Your Dog Greet Another Dog Is a Bad Idea | #dogs

Photographer shoots portraits with a lens made of a single water droplet – DIY Photography | #photography

Great article by @KendallEley => Panic Disorder: Panic! At Everything –| #psychology

A Father’s Touching Photos of His Two Sons and Their Teddy Bear | #photography #inspiration

13 Powerful Tools for Online Photo Editing | #photography #editing

This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week | #productivity #lifehacks

How to Train Your Brain to Get What You Want in 60 Days | #psychology #lifehacks

Start and End Your Workday With These Principles in Mind | #productivity

Happy reading, researching or whatever you like to do.

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