Some of the things I found in the past week (or two) that piqued my interest. The links may be related to Photography, Technology, Science, Productivity, Self-Compassion…just anything that has helped me or held my interest. I hope you find something of interest too.

#health #nutrition | 20 Healthy Snacks for Kids, College Students, Home, or Work
This article provides some great information and suggestions for healthy snacks. Whether you are a kid or an adult…there are some good ideas here.

#productivity | 5 Time-Saving Productivity Hacks, Reviewed
A great resource/review of different techniques to help productivity. I, for one, am always looking to be more productive.

#photography #inspiration | Intersting Compositions & Amazing Images

#photoshop | How to Color Correct with One Click in Photoshop
A seven minute tutorial that shows a simple way to correct a color cast by using the Curves tool in Photoshop.

#photoshop | Photoshop Sharpening Essentials
An older article from Scott Kelby with great information on sharpening photos in Photoshop.

#movie #trailer | Here’s your full-length ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ trailer
A trailer to make you very excited for the next Star Wars movie.

#photography | 10 macro photography tips for beginners
An article that gives good detail and information on doing macro photography. From gear to logistics to composition…a nice array of factors are covered.

#amazing | THE BOWL – A film by Peter McKinnon
I follow Peter McKinnon’s Youtube channel…it is my favorite. You know one of those channels that you constantly check for new content and are as excited as a little kid when there is. He is an amazing videographer/photographer. This film is, simply put, AMAZING. It made me think…it made my mouth drop open in fascination…it made me emotional.

#app #mobile #photography | Snapseed Gets New Photo Filters and a Facelift
Snapseed is my photo editor of choice on the iPhone. I use other apps, but my photos always go through Snapseed first. It recently had a major overhaul and I have to say I still love it….maybe even a little better than before.

#photography #composition | How to Break the Rules with a Central Composition
A good write-up about the rule of thirds aspect of composition and how breaking that rule with a centered subject can be a great way of catching a viewer’s eye.

#photography | I bought a $200 camera and lens so people would stop giving credit to the camera for my photos
As photographers, we typically don’t like to be told that our camera takes good photos because it’s not the camera it’s the eye of the person taking the photo. I like the way this photographer handled it when people kept giving credit to the camera.

#politics | How our friendship survives our opposing politics
I will never go into my political opinions online…it’s just not me. This is an awesome TED Talk about how we can still get along despite our differences of opinion. I highly recommend taking the time to watch it.

Happy reading, researching or whatever you like to do.

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