Some of the things I ran across in the past week that helped me and or I found cool. The links may be related to Photography, Technology, Science, Productivity, Mindfulness…just anything that has helped me or held my interest. I hope you find something of interest too.

1 – Article | 4 Tips for Better Nightscape Photography
Great tips in this article. I’ve always wanted to venture into night photography.

2 – Video | Astros Ender
This is a great video by the nephew of my friend Lauro. Great Astros memories!

3 – Article | J.J. Watt & Jose Altuve nab Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year
So very amazing! Both of these guys are awesome and so deserving of this award!

4 – Article | Starbucks Survival Guide
An older post, but still relevant for determining the healthier options at a place that is practically my second office. A new Starbucks opened near my home earlier this year and I go there to work so much most of the people behind the counter know my name. It’s kinda like Norm walking into Cheers!

5 – Article | 50 Things To Do By Yourself
So many good ideas on this list. I do love going to the movies by myself.

6 – Video | 10 Handy Photoshop Shortcuts for Working with Layers
Helpful video from Adobe with tips on working with layers in Photoshop.

7 – Article | I Shot 7 Photos of the Same Location in Different Seasons
I REALLY want to find a good local place to do this. It is something I find very cool.

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Photo Pick of the Week

From a fun Saturday CG workout

Be awesome…be well.