Some of the things I ran across in the past week that helped me or I just found cool. The links may be related to Photography, Technology, Science, Productivity, Mindfulness…just anything that has helped me or held my interest. I hope you find something of interest too.

1 – eBook | Before the Shutter
I always learn something from photographer Anne Mckinnell…this eBook is no exception.

2 – Article | Retire Here, Not There
At this point in my life…this is something to ponder.

3 – Site | Meet the Dogs of Amazon
Just because I LOVE dogs and the little descriptions are fun to read and make me smile.

4 – Article | darktable Brings Its Free, Open Source Lightroom Alternative to Windows
An option in place of Lightroom for culling and working with photos.

5 – Article | How to Shoot Epic Wide-Angle Photos of Trees
Makes me want to go into the woods for the day.

6 – Article | Follow These Tried-and-True Tips to Budget Your Food Spending in 2018
Good tips on spending to start the new year.

7 – Photo Inspiration | Always Together ~ Magic Feeling ~ Holiday Lights ~ My Princess ~ Sweet Carry ~ Orange blue Avenue ~ Night Call ~ Autumn Serenade

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Photo Pick of the Week

My Daddy ❤

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