Some of the things I ran across in the past week that helped me or I just found cool. The links may be related to Photography, Technology, Science, Productivity, Mindfulness…just anything that has helped me or held my interest. I hope you find something of interest too.

1 – Article | Montgomery County AS earns no-kill designation w/new Dir
Very awesome news for this Houston-area animal shelter.

2 – Article | Instant Pot Popcorn
Always looking for healthier options for meals and snacks!

3 – Article | 9 More Great Apps You Need for Your Smartphone
Great post! Several apps that I’ve not heard of.

4 – Article | I Despise Dogs But My Fiancée Loves Them
I would have said no to the proposal…and if the ultimatum was later…I’d change my mind and say adios to the dude.

5 – Online Tool | Every Time Zone
Never warp your brain with Time Zone math again

6 – Article | 28 Secret Mouse and Trackpad Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know About
Some helpful shortcuts!

7 – Inspiration | Winter Light ~ Venice ~ Street of Old City ~ IG: @SeanParkerPhotography

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