I had the opportunity to watch one of the new playgroup sessions at League City Pets Alive one morning a couple of weeks ago. In November of 2017, Dogs Playing For Life visited LCPA to train the staff and volunteers on incorporating daily playgroups for the adoptable dogs into their program. DPFL is a wonderful group that travels the country to teach shelters how to let dogs play…together! These playgroups will help socialize the dogs and make them more adoptable. Two volunteers are out in the yard with the dogs and are equipped with squirt bottles and noise makers to help maintain good behavior…while one or two volunteers run the dogs from the kennel to the yard…and back. One of the biggest questions that potential adopters ask is “How are they with other dogs?” Well, the playgroups answer that question for a lot of the dogs. Below are some photos that I took the morning I was there. Followed by links relevant to playgroups.

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