Some of the things I ran across in the past week that helped me or I just found cool. The links may be related to Photography, Technology, Science, Productivity, Mindfulness…just anything that has helped me or held my interest. I hope you find something of interest too.

1 – The Unsung – Victor
An amazing story about an amazing young man and the family that helped and continues to help him.

2 – National award given to Dickinson TX hero
I am so happy to see my friend get this award!

3 – 10 Actually Cool Uses for a USB Drive

4 – How to Not Suck at Sleep: 5 Simple Tips for Catching More Z’s
I’m always looking for ideas in this department.

5 – Ruby Tutorials
Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for learning and mastering Ruby Language. I’m working on doing a little coding, so this link will be helpful to me.

6 – Photography tutorials and tips

7 – Just cool shit…

Because I can be obsessed with researching things, I am constantly posting links to interesting articles, videos & photos on my Twitter account => @rhonda_tipton

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