I decided late one evening to hit the road very early for a day of me, myself and I. I started down Hwy 288 to Hwy 35 and took it into Bay City. I stopped at Lisa’s Main Street Coffee & Wine Bar…located in old town Bay City. The ambiance here is nice. The coffee is good and listening to the conversations of the town folk was great entertainment. I arrived around 6:40 and stayed long enough to get some of my shelter editing and posting done. Afterwards, I took a walk around the historic old town area.

I hopped on Hwy 60  and took it all the way to Matagorda then took 2031 to Matagorda Bay Nature Park. This is a park that I definitely will revisit in the future.

On the way back, down Hwy 60, I noticed a controlled burn off in the distance…which is pretty common from what I understand. There was a spot that had already been scorched by a past burn and thought it was an interesting frame.

Processed With Darkroom
Controlled Burn on the horizon of an already scorched area

I decided to take 521 north back to Brazoria then 322 to Lake Jackson for a little more exploration and lunch. Stopped at the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory where I did not really see any birds,  but it is just a relaxing place;  and the Abner Jackson Plantation Site, which was closed, but I still got a cool photo. LOL.


That was it! A nice get-a-way for a few hours.

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