I watched a video on my favorite Youtube channel about applying a Radial Blur effect and found it pretty cool, so I dug out a couple of photos that I thought would look interesting with that effect applied. Below is my quick & dirty way of doing it just to see what it looks like. I do plan to play around and find different (cleaner) methods of accomplishing this…but for now I’m sticking to a high-level approach and bookmarking other posts on the subject.


w radialblur2
Once a duplicate layer is created, go to FILTER > BLUR > RADIAL BLUR
w RadialBlur1
Select the Method and the Amount (blur strength). I just left the Quality as the default. Select [OK]
w IMG_5885-radial
Once the effect was applied, I removed the blur at the end of the line…to make the destination in focus. I think it’s neat how it shows motion.

I tried the Radial Blur effect on a couple more photos…both the Zoom and Spin methods.

I do plan to experiment with this cool effect in the future. Below is the video that made me want to work with Radial Blur. Peter McKinnon is one of those guys that is so enthusiastic and happy about everything. I watch his videos even if they don’t really apply to me or my work because his enthusiasm always makes me want to be better.

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