I am on the computer editing photos for hours at a time, so I am always looking for something to watch or listen to while I am working. YouTube has become a large part of what I watch while working. Below are my favorite channels. This is an update to my list from 2017. There have been some changes…added some…dropped some. 🙂

Cody Wanner – Creative inspiration

Mayim Bialik – Entertaining anxiety help

Fate Unbound – Travel & Pets…enough said

Zach Ramelan – Creative inspiration

We’re The Russos – Travel inspiration

Less Junk, More Journey – Travel inspiration

EXPLORIST Life – Travel inspiration

Chase Jarvis  – Creative inspiration

The Art of Photography – Photography inspiration

Peter McKinnon – Creative inspiration

Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution – Dogs…enough said

Kim Grant – Photography inspiration

Simon Baxter – Photography inspiration

Thomas Heaton – Photography inspiration

Sean Tucker – Photography inspiration

List 25 – Enjoyable and fun fact lists

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