I always have something going in my headphones when I work. Depending on my mood…it could be podcasts, videos or music. Just something to keep the outside world from distracting me. I am not diagnosed with anything, but I am VERY easily distracted…which is why I spend a lot of my time in coffee houses. If I have the opportunity to play or spend time with my dogs…I will…whether I have work to get done or not, so working out of the house ALL the time is not the best idea.

When it comes to music, my own MP3 library, Pandora or Spotify were my choices, but now there is YouTube Music. The more I use this service, the more I love it. At first glance, it looks a lot like Spotify; however, there is something about it that I like much better. Also, I am listening from my laptop, so it is free…I believe is costs if it is used from a phone, so I will not be doing that. I also, love not having to install a player to use the service. Just go to the link and play. So if I were to put a ranking to the music services it would be —

  1. YouTube Music
  2. Pandora
  3. Spotify

Below are a few reasons I like YouTube Music

z Screenshot (53)
Locate a specific album
z Screenshot (54)
Listen to a specific band
z Screenshot (55)
Many preset music libraries to choose from
z Screenshot (56)
A preset library I like

In closing, I think YouTube Music is a great service that is very functional and easy to use. I will definitely be moving over from Spotify and Pandora…heck I already have.

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