Back in April of this year, wonderful foster volunteer Elysia Patterson took in a very pregnant doggie named Lilly from League City Pets Alive and saw her through the birth of seven puppies. Elysia also facilitated the adoptions of all seven babies. Mama Lilly was adopted from LCPA once she had recovered from the birth. Recently, Elysia contacted all of the families of the puppies and got them all to show up for a 6 month reunion shoot. The only one who could not be there was Mama Lilly herself because we did not have contact with her adopter.

Below is a video slide show I put together for the event. For each pup there is their infant photo, the photo I took to get them adopted, the photos I took at the reunion (1 by themselves…1 with their family). A full group photo and a photo of all pups with their foster family are also included.

I hope you enjoy.

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