I’m not good at yoga. With that said…I know it’s good for my body and my mind. The class I experienced at The Yoga Haven yesterday was amazing. Honestly, the best class I’ve ever been in. It was very crowded and anyone who knows me…knows my space issues. My friends were nice enough to let me have a space next to the wall, so that was a little bit of anxiety dealt with. It was a Yin yoga class, so it all stayed on the floor (no standing poses). Once we got started Kathleen took all my anxiety and worry away. She would see I was having difficulty with something and came to me and offered advice and additional props as needed without taking her attention away from the rest of the class. It made me feel so…at ease. I did not feel like I was interrupting…I did not feel like all the attention was on me because I could not do something.

There are several aesthetically pleasing elements in the class environment such as the painted windows, soaring ceilings and the exposed brick showing the history of the building. However, I will always remember and recommend based on how welcomed and accepted I felt during the class.

At the end of the class, in my own way, I mingled with the rest of the attendees…as in I stood quietly listening a lot and talking a little…because that’s me. I saw that Kathleen was finishing up a conversation, so I walked over to her, thanked her from the bottom of my heart…and hugged her. Most people that know me…know I’m not a hugging person…by that I mean…I don’t mind when people hug me, but I’m very “shy”, so I don’t usually offer hugs. Kathleen made me feel so comfortable with myself that it gave me the confidence to hug.

I highly recommend The Yoga Haven for anyone who has thought about starting yoga and the experienced, but especially for those with thoughts like “I can’t do it.” or “I’m too big to do yoga.” . Kathleen really makes you feel accepted. I am so grateful for her and my friends who invited me along.

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