My pick for this week is a book I recently read that kept me pretty engaged.

“Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” by Cheryl Strayed is a memoir of Cheryl Strayed’s adventures hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Southern California to Washington State during the Summer of 1995. Both the tense moments on the trail and her flashbacks to the reasons she decided to go on such an adventure contribute to an emotional story that kept my interest. Highs like making it to each stop on the trail (and to the finish) and lows like her recalling of her mother’s death…all contribute to great memoir.

Dwight Garner – The New York Times —
“I was reduced, during her book’s final third, to puddle-eyed cretinism.”

Sarah Wheeler – The Guardian —
“In this hugely entertaining book, Cheryl Strayed takes the redemptive nature of travel – a theme as old as literature itself – and makes it her own. For three months she hiked 1,100 miles alone along the Pacific Crest Trail, a continuous wilderness undulating from Mexico to Canada over nine mountain ranges – the Laguna to the Cascades. She did it, she says, ‘in order to save myself’.”

In closing, I liked the range of emotions this book brought out of me. I was inspired…I was a little agitated…I was a little sad. I even learned a little geography as I looked at maps to figure out where she was on the trail. Just a great story all around.

Be awesome…be well.