My pick for this week is the Water Drink Reminder app for Android.

I am constantly striving to find ways to be healthier. It is tough for me diet-wise because I like so little veggies. So lately I’ve been focusing on eating less and upping my water intake.

The Water Drink Reminder app has helped me tremendously by giving me a visual way to track my water. I began by setting the goal at 64 ounces a day…now I’m up to 80 ounces and will up it to 100 once I consistently hit 80 ounces a day. I was lucky to drink 2 sixteen ounce bottles of water in a day before I started focusing on it…and I know I was walking around dehydrated.

Great notifications to remind you of your goal and to drink your water
You get several options on the types of liquids including a pint of beer. Ha!

Easily change the amount values
As the day goes on you can easily see where you are with your goal

This Water Drink Reminder app is free on the Google Play Store.

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