In an effort to always be learning something, I decided to take an older laptop that I never use and install Linux on it. I did the normal Google searches and determined that Ubuntu was the most popular “flavor” of Linux.

It was very easy to down load the .ISO file from the Ubuntu website and the Rufus utility program to create a bootable USB drive from said .ISO file. Once I had the laptop booting into the Ubuntu on the USB drive, it was pretty straight forward to install Linux over the Windows 10 installation on my hard drive. I have gathered links to the posts I used to do the install and learn about Ubuntu. They are listed below.

Main Ubuntu Site

Beginner’s Guide: How To Install Ubuntu Linux

How to Download & Install Linux (Ubuntu) in Windows

Rufus Utility – Creates bootable flash media

38 Things to Do to Get Started After Installing Ubuntu

How to use Ubuntu – Ubuntu Tutorial for Beginners – Video

How to Be More Productive in Ubuntu Using Keyboard Shortcuts

7 Best Linux Tools For Digital Artists

5 Best Vector Graphics Editors for Linux

Top 10 Text Editors for Linux

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