In the fall of 2018 on a stormy night, six puppies were abandoned in a crate in the ditch outside Bay Area Pet Adoptions. The shelter took them in, dubbed them the Rock Star Puppies, and over the next few months were all adopted out to wonderful homes.

Sunday, September 8th 2019…

Bowie now Maui
Mercury now Cash
Janis now Trixie
Hendrix now Finley
Prince now Leo
Joplin now Maggie May

…were reunited…and boy what fun!

Below are photo I took as well as a video slideshow with those photos. I hope you enjoy.

I am Rhonda Tipton and I am a photographer residing in the Houston area. My work includes a wide range of subjects such as portraiture, events and fine art; however, I feel my purpose on this Earth is to tell the stories of those without a voice through my pet, animal shelter and rescue photography.

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